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about publishing services

Publishing Services started as a one-person copywriting service called Bestselling Book Descriptions (BSBD) and was founded in March 2019 by Laura Mikkelsen. Within less than 3 months, orders went from one book description a week to 10 orders a day.

Why outsourcing is your key to success

In just 3 jam-packed years, Publishing Services has written over 10,000 book descriptions and outlines on hundreds of topics. No matter if you are looking for an expert on dieting, spirituality or investing, we've got you covered.

More than 8700 thrilled customers.

Customer reviews

I just want to give a shoutout to PS, like WOW! PS just blew me out of the freaking water. You can definitely tell from a professional and their craft vs me. LOL 👏


PS are unreal. Used them once and will never not use them again. I would be loosing money in the long run if I DIDN'T use them!

Michael C.

This outline makes it difficult to not write an excellent book.

Taliaferro A.

Just WOW! I did the outline for my first book and it's a neanderthal's attempt compared to yours.

Trevor W.

I'm blown away. It's night and day compared to the previous description.

Brian C.

If you have the money I highly recommend using Laura's company for everything. I'm currently building another 10k brand from scratch and having PS do all the hard stuff. It's amazing.

Trevor S.

Amazing work - I am over the moon!

Evan B.

For anyone struggling with their book descriptions or it wasn't a strong suit of yours. Highly recommend PS. Outsource to ease your mind.

Emmanuel O.

Phenomenal copy! 🔥

Travis S.

💥...Holy Cow!! ...Wow I am impressed!!

I really didn't know what to expect but I definitely didn't expect that much.

Richard C.
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