Outline Quality Review Package

Outline Quality Review Package

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For quick answers and detailed information about our package, please Click Here to access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We strongly advise reading it before placing an order.

Refine, Enhance, Excel: Elevate Your Outline to Perfection. 

Whether you've meticulously drafted your outline manually or utilized AI technology to shape your initial framework, the question remains: are you hitting the mark with your audience, and is your direction crystal clear for your ghostwriter? Our Outline Quality Review Package is your essential next step.

This comprehensive service ensures your outline—regardless of its origin—not only meets but exceeds professional standards. We dive deep into the structure, clarity, and depth of your content, leaving no stone unturned. 


  • Detailed review of the audience research accuracy.
  • Assessment of pain point identification and solutions.
  • Inspection of directions for clarity and precision for your ghostwriter.
  • Analysis of logical flow and coherence.
  • Review for sufficiency and uniqueness of information provided.
  • Examination of depth, avoiding repetitiveness, and resource adequacy.
  • Verification of the use of paid or copyrighted sources.
  • Assessment of the currency and accuracy of your information.


  • We will return your outline with comprehensive comments left in the document, pointing out all strengths and weaknesses.
  • A scoring rubric that provides a clear explanation of your outline's strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Guidance on possible next steps, including which areas of your outline need to be bulked up to make sure you give your ghostwriter everything they possibly need to write a fantastic book.
  • 4 (BUSINESS) days turnaround time.

** 100% Satisfaction Guarantee **

Elevate your publishing business with an outline that ensures clarity, engages your target audience, and provides your ghostwriter with the direction needed to transform your ideas into compelling content. With the Outline Quality Review Package, you're not just refining your outline; you're setting the stage for success.