Can I use my new description for Amazon and Audible?

Definitely! Your new description will be used for your ebook and print book on Amazon, along with your audiobook on Audible. So you will see a sales boost in all 3 formats. Be aware that Amazon allows 4000 characters for a description, but Audible only allows 2000 characters so when you receive your new description, be sure to shorten it to 2000 characters before applying it to your audiobook.

Can I use my new description as my retail audio sample?

There is no better way to pitch your book than using your full length description as your retail audio sample. Many people won’t read the description of your audiobook because they would much rather listen to the retail audio sample to get a taste of what your audiobook is about. So if you want to optimize sales for your audiobook, be sure to use your description as your retail audio sample.


What if I am unsatisfied with my description?

No worries, this is not another one of those cheap Fiverr services. We offer you unlimited revisions and promise a professionally written description for your book. And if you are still unhappy, you will get your money back -something no one else can and will offer you. 

Why is a professional book description relevant for my sales?

Imagine you are scrolling through Amazon. You see a cover that grabs your attention. The title of the book seems interesting. You click on the book and then you see the description. If you are lucky, it is longer than a single sentence. You start reading and you are relieved that you didn´t press the buy button immediately because the words you read are not even worth being called a description. 

I´m not exaggerating. Many descriptions on Amazon could be written by primary school students. No wonder, no one ends up buying your book. This brings us to the next question.

Can I replace the description of an existing book to boost my sales?

Of course you can. And you know what's even better? You might have nailed every other step in your publishing business but writing is just not your strength. You get people to click on your book but they will never return to a book with a bullsh*** description (I´m sorry but we have to be harsh here). We did experiments with high quality books and only changed the description from an average to a professional description. Guess what? Sales doubled overnight. You can find one example in the testimonials. 

Isn´t $67 a lot of money for a book description?

No not at all. The average salary for a professional copywriter is $100. And let´s be honest, writing a high quality book description will take you at least 3 hours if you want to be better than your competitors, eliminate your clients objections and choose the right words. We do all of this for you...and after writing hundreds of descriptions, we probably know more about the topic than you do. 

In any business, you have to always think long term. All it takes is 7 extra book sales from your new description and your customer has paid for it for you.