About Us

Publishing Services was founded by Laura Mikkelsen in March 2019. If you used our services back then, you might remember us as a one-woman copywriting service called Bestselling Book Descriptions… but like all great ideas, we grew!

In 2020, Sarah Eberstadt came on board as CFO and joint CEO, and the company rebranded to become Publishing Life Services. Our team grew, the packages we offered grew, and by 2022 we were ready for another rebranding… Fast forward to the Publishing Services you see before you today.

Sarah & Laura

The idea for the company was seeded when Laura, who began as a self-publisher herself, realized that her main passion was the bit everyone else seemed to hate – copywriting. She realized she could provide a service self-publishers were hungry for… after all, she shared the same goal as Publishing.com – to make sure clients publish high quality books that sell

The positive reviews rolled in and the demand increased. With a growing pool of exceptional writers, editors, formatters and designers, and a formidable seven-woman management team, Publishing Services continues to excel as the top rated book description and outline writing service in the Amazon Publishing industry.

These days, Laura mainly works behind the scenes and regularly reviews our processes. With Sarah at the helm, the Publishing Services management team leads a company that customers come back to time and time again. 

Meet the Management Team:

Tea is the beating heart of PS; she is the Chief Operating Officer and plays a pivotal role in overseeing and optimizing all operational aspects of PS. 

Stephanie is the Vice President; she ensures that the high standard of PS is met across the entire range of our services.

Kim is the Team Coordinator; she helps streamline workflow and drives collective success. She brings the fun and makes sure everyone’s work is done.

Michelle is the Chief Editor of our Editing and Formatting Departments; she ensures that every piece of content leaving our hands is impeccably refined and perfectly presented.

Fiona is our Customer Support Specialist; she goes above and beyond to provide exceptional assistance and ensure the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

It’s little wonder that Publishing Services has been able to dominate the self-publishing industry.

You can be sure we’re always at the forefront of changes in the industry. Our mission is to make publishing as easy, stress-free, and profitable as we can for all our customers… and our reviews tell us we’re on track.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds next… and we know it will be exciting!