Email Sequence Starter Package

Email Sequence Starter Package

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Stop Wasting Time Writing Terrible Emails That Nobody Reads

Email marketing is the cheapest and yet most powerful tool to connect with your customers 

--it’s more powerful than ads.


Because it’s permission based. The people you talk to want to learn more about you, your books and your brand. 

You could waste thousands of dollars on ads trying to find new customers or you just recycle old customers and sell them more. 

All you have to do is build a strong relationship with your readers and serve them what they want.

We help you to connect with your customers on a highly effective and personalized level while staying on budget. 

Our “Email Sequence Starter Package” is for anyone who:

  • Published a book
  • Needs to deliver a lead magnet
  • Wants to funnel their readers into a Facebook group
  • Is looking for more 5-Star book reviews
  • Wants to sell more books

You will get:

A professionally handcrafted email sequence of 5 optimized emails.

  • 10 (BUSINESS) days turnaround time

The goal of our 'Email Sequence Starter Package' is to:

  • Build a personal relationship with your readers
  • Turn your readers into returning customers
  • Deliver your lead magnet
  • Invite them to your Facebook group
  • Encourage them to become active members in your Facebook group
  • Ask them for book reviews
  • Add them to your book review team

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P.P.S. Need more than 5 emails? No problem. Check out our 'Email Sequence Extension' Package here.

Please check the details of your order before you place it. We process and work on all orders immediately after they're placed. 

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