Editing & Proofreading Package ($2.50 per 100 words) + Free Formatting

Editing & Proofreading Package ($2.50 per 100 words) + Free Formatting

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Last Chance for Excellence: Transform Your Manuscript with Expert Editing, Proofreading, and FREE Formatting – Ignite Your Sales Potential Today!

We've all been there. Your book is ready, and you can't wait to launch it. It can be tempting to rush or even skip the editing and proofreading phase, but poor grammar can make or break your book (and your business). 

In a fiercely competitive publishing world, a meticulously edited book is your golden ticket to standing out and building an impeccable reputation.

Editing and proofreading are the secret weapons of successful publishers, igniting the potential of every book they touch. Picture it as the process that transforms a good story into an extraordinary masterpiece.

Readers expect a flawless and enjoyable read, and if they don't get it, they punish you with bad reviews, directly impacting your sales.

If you want to avoid those detrimental 1-star reviews, put your trust in us! Our team comprises native English editors, the crème de la crème in language mastery, ensuring your book reads like a bestseller from the get-go.


  • Copy editing, line editing, mechanical editing
  • Consistency, flow, redundancy, structure, and word choice check
  • Structural suggestions (if needed)
  • Professional proofreading
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation check
  • Native English editors
  • 14 (BUSINESS) days turnaround time
  • 100% coupon code for our Formatting Package
  • 5-star review quality


We do not provide developmental or structural editing in this package. This means we do not rewrite the book or make heavy structural or content edits. We assume that the book is fully written and that you have approved the content before placing your order.

If structural changes were suggested, it is up to you to take action to resolve them. Re-checking any changes you make to the book once we have delivered it is not part of this package.


We sometimes have to refuse AI-generated manuscripts because of poor quality - they tend to be messy, repetitive, and contain outdated information, which falls below our professional standards. As a responsible and ethical service, we have a moral obligation to maintain quality standards and must inform customers when their manuscript does not meet these standards. This ensures that authors receive the best possible editing service and helps maintain the integrity of our professional editing services.

We begin working on your order as soon as it is placed and processed in our system. This allows us to allocate resources and ensure timely delivery efficiently.

If you contact us with new information or request changes to your order after we have completed more than 20% of the package, there may be an additional charge and a delivery delay – significant changes late in the production process can require additional resources, time, and effort to implement.

** 100% Satisfaction Guarantee **

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